European Data Infrastructure

Mission and Vision


The EUDAT vision is to support a Collaborative Data Infrastructure which will allow researchers to share data within and between communities and enable them to carry out their research effectively. EUDAT aims to provide a solution that will be affordable, trustworthy, robust, persistent and easy to use.


  • Help fulfill the vision of a European Data e-infrastructure by providing a sustainable platform of technologies, tools and services driven by user needs.
  • Engage users (including individual researchers along with representatives from universities, research labs, and libraries) in defining and shaping a platform for shared services that makes it possible for data-intensive research to span all the scientific disciplines.
  • Produce the common low-level services that are required to provide the level of interoperation and trust of data that is necessary to support both widespread access to data, and the long-term preservation of data for use and re-use.
  • Ensure that the data infrastructure is sufficiently robust to keep pace with the expected acceleration of the scale and complexity of scientific data being generated within the ERA and beyond.