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DRIHM a new EUDAT Associated Partner collaborates to provide new services for citizen scientists

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The DRIHM project sets the stage for a new way of doing hydro-meteorological Research (HMR) at European and eventually global levels through the development and deployment of an e-Science environment. DRIHM became an Associated Partner of EUDAT in December 2013. EUDAT has a strong interest in strengthening collaboration with the DRIHM project as research communities are EUDAT’s main customers, both as data users and providers. Today, there is a large community of citizen scientists which is not only interested in hydro-meteorological events like storms and flooding, but which is actively involved in research by studying the cases occurred with available models and data. DRIHM has a specific interest in "citizen scientist" participation and wishes to supply certain services to this community, including storing and sharing ad-hoc datasets generated by citizen scientists. This represents a good use case for EUDAT’S B2SHARE service (B2SHARE) and EUDAT and DRIHM agreed to develop this service for the DRIHM community.

About DRIHM DRIHM (Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology) is developing a prototype e-Science environment to facilitate collaboration between meteorologists, hydrologists and Earth science experts for accelerated scientific advances in hydro-meteorological research (HMR).