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B2STAGE goes Global at Globus World

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EUDAT is collaborating with a global consortium led by iRODS and including the US National Data Service to develop a DSI (Data Storage Interface) that is compatible with iRODS 4.0. In a lightening talk at the Globus World event held in Chicago in April 2015, the upcoming collaborative activities behind the iRODS-GridFTP DSI and the ways the participants are encouraging further collaboration between iRODS, Globus, and other data-centric communities was presented with EUDAT in centre stage as an adopter & further developer of the solution.

The integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is highly customizable data grid infrastructure software in use at hundreds of commercial and academic research institutions worldwide. An iRODS-GridFTP interface was developed several years ago to transfer data between iRODS Zones and Globus installations. This software has been adapted as a Globus Data Storage Interface (DSI) for use in the EUDAT project, with support for iRODS through version 3.3.1. Now, the National Data Service, coordinating with Globus and the iRODS Consortium, is developing a DSI that is compatible with iRODS 4.0 and beyond, which will be maintained and tested by the iRODS Consortium in perpetuity.