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Supporting collaboration & demonstrating interoperability - EUDAT Training and Synergy with EGI at the upcoming EGI Community Forum, 11 & 12 November 2015, Bari Italy

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On the 11th of November EUDAT hosted a workshop in collaboration with EGI focused on presentation of the first steps taken toward the technical interoperability between the two. The workshop entitled "EGI EUDAT interoperability use cases" saw the participation of the  EGI-EUDAT pilot communities (ICOS, BBMRI, ELIXIR, EISCAT-3D) that presented their cross-infrastructure requirements. The aim was to show how to connect data stored in the EUDAT CDI to the high throughput and cloud computing resources provided by EGI and the other way around.
The workshop was followed on the 12th of November by a training session on the EUDAT infrastructure: Foundation, utilisation and implementation. The agenda was aimed at presenting EUDAT research data services in relation to the research data lifecycle as well as demonstrating the interoperability between two research data infrastructures: EUDAT and EGI. Furthermore it has described how to integrate the B2Share service with existing community sites  and how persistent identifiers form an essential building block for research data management.

Data scientists, researchers and research community representatives, managers of research infrastructures and data centers, EGI FedCloud users were encouraged to participate and contribute to consolidating the collaboration between the two.


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