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EUDAT keeps engaging communities: All you need to know on the EUDAT data pilots

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One of EUDAT’s main ambitions is to bridge the gap between research infrastructures and e-Infrastructures through an active engagement strategy. EUDAT is privileged to have close and collaborative relations with its long-standing partner communities. At present, there are seven core communities – CLARIN, ELIXIR, ENES, EPOS, ICOS, LTER Europe and VPH in the consortium covering the Social Sciences & Humanities, Earth sciences, energy and environment, Biomedical and life sciences disciplines. Experience shows that actively involving user communities in all steps is a must for infrastructure projects, and increases the likelihood of broader uptake of  developed services.

EUDAT regularly expands its horizons and renews and adds to the list of communities it works with. EUDAT invests in finding new communities and discusses their ideas and needs for research data management and supports them to solve their problems. In this respect EUDAT is very satisfied that the last call for Data Pilots was very successful in bringing in pilots from a large variety of disciplines and organizations:

Biomedical and life sciences
West-Life Data Pilot
IST DataRep
Herbadrop : an innovative approach to long-term preservation and analysis of digitised herbarium specimens
The use of the EUDAT repository to store clinical trials in a secure and compliant way
An EUDAT-based FAIR Data  Approach for Data Interoperability

     Download the Biomedical and life sciences discipline focused section of the EUDAT Community Engagement Booklet 

Earth sciences, energy and environment
Support to scientific research on seasonal-to-decadal climate and air quality modelling
DataPublication@UPorto: multi-disciplinary data description and deposit linking the Dendro staging platform with the EUDAT European Infrastructure
Unified access to EISCAT radar
DATA SPHINX (DATA Storage and Preservation of HIgh resolutioN climate eXperiments)
Linked data service pilot for EUDAT
Public access to fine-grained city air quality data from roving sensors
JADDS - Jülich Atmospheric Data Distribution Service

     Download the Earth sciences, energy and environment discipline focused section of the EUDAT Community Engagement Booklet 

Physical Sciences and Engineering
Tokamak data mirror for JET and MAST data – moving towards an open data repository for European nuclear fusion research
NFFA-EUROPE Information and Data Management Repository Platform for nano-science in Europe
Direct simulation data of turbulent flows

     Download the Physical Sciences and Engineering discipline focused section of the EUDAT Community Engagement Booklet 

Social Sciences and Humanities 
Research data repository for students' own results
Enriching Europeana Newspapers
Cloudy Culture: A study of EUDAT shared services to measure the potential of using cloud-like services to improve the preservation of digital cultural heritage
Aalto Research Data Management Suite Pilot
Ancient OCR: Storing, Cataloging, Relating, and Exposing OCR Objects from the Open Philology Project

     Download the Social Sciences and Humanities discipline focused section of the EUDAT Community Engagement Booklet 


Download the full EUDAT Community Engagement: Core communities and Data Pilots Booklet here