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New online-training will let you test EUDAT services

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If you are interested in having hands-on experience with EUDAT, then check out the newly released EUDAT online-training section

The online training material, updated and extended in due time when new features of services are developed, will help communities to evaluate how to use and deploy the EUDAT services within a test environment. 

This new section provides step-by-step instructions on how to use EUDAT services (B2SHARE, B2SAFE, B2STAGE and B2FIND) and how to deploy them (B2SAFE, B2STAGE and B2FIND), offering a training instance simulating the EUDAT network and providing preinstalled services.
The online training is targeted at two types of trainees: those who want to learn how to deploy and integrate services (e.g. B2SAFE and B2STAGE, B2FIND) and those who prefer to learn how to use such services. Following the full in-depth tutorial will allow trainees to understand how the components of a service are combined and thus enables them to also extend services with own modules and integrate EUDAT’s services with community services. 
For a general introduction we recommend to consult the user documentation pages and to view our training presentations on Slideshare. 
Click here to start your EUDAT online-training now.