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Instruct, the ESFRI infrastructure for Structural Biology, successfully adopts EUDAT services

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Instruct is the ESFRI infrastructure for Structural Biology, which researches the molecular basis of life. Over the past months, Instruct developers worked with EUDAT to enable the usage of the B2SHARE and B2ACCESS services with the Instruct user ID. The user feedbacks are excellent:

Instruct developer Callum Smith said “EUDAT is producing an invaluable set of tools that will help simplify and support the data analysis and processing of all users of ARIA and its diverse biomedical scientific community. We were eager to ensure that our users would be able to best utilise EUDAT tools and have worked closely between ARIA and EUDAT to be one of the first communities to ensure seamless single sign-on. As the West-Life virtual research environment moves forward it will integrate both EUDAT tools and use the ARIA single sign-on to truly integrate all of the services for the users.”

EUDAT developer Jens Jensen said "We are very pleased to have Instruct IDs in EUDAT. We hope EUDAT services will prove beneficial to structural biology researchers and look forward to our future collaborations.”

Chris Morris commented “West-Life is helping to make e-Infrastructure facilities more accessible for integrative structural biology. This work by Instruct and EUDAT makes a good foundation for our efforts.”

This new link-up was announced to Instruct members here:

Download the Instruct story here or learn more about the project on the official website.