The EUDAT CDI Council is the highest authority of the EUDAT CDI and has responsibility for all-important decisions. It controls EUDAT’s activities in scientific, technical and administrative matters. It approves workplan of activity and new members, adopts the budgets and reviews expenditure. The Council is assisted by the EUDAT CDI Board and the EUDAT CDI Secretariat.


The EUDAT CDI Council is composed by one representative per CDI member. The EUDAT CDI Council meets at least once per year. The Chair of the EUDAT CDI Council is elected from among the Council members by a two/third majority for two years and can be reelected only once.

EUDAT CDI Executive Board

The EUDAT CDI Board consists of seven representatives of the CDI members elected by the CDI Council and mandated to ensure the proper execution and implementation of the council's decisions.

Executive Board Members

EUDAT User Board

The User Board is set up to bring forward a user-oriented perspective to the evolution of the EUDAT CDI and its services and to provide the EUDAT members with advice and recommendations on its service development roadmap and user engagement strategy.

EUDAT CDI Secretariat

The EUDAT CDI Secretariat is responsible for managing, on a daily basis, the CDI Agreement and for coordinating the development and operation of the CDI infrastructure. The EUDAT CDI Secretariat is composed of six staff members responsible for the management, the administration, the operational and technical coordination of the CDI infrastructure and the User Engagement and Outreach. The activities of the EUDAT CDI Secretariat are funded through the annual funding contributions of the CDI members and defined and monitored by the CDI Council.