The aim of any e-Infrastructure designed for scientific data should be to propose tools and facilities for managing the different steps of the Scientific Data Life Cycle (DLC). This life cycle varies between domains of investigation and some of them require additional steps that may not be captured by the existing DLC models. The purpose of this session is to bring together experts from the various scientific communities to discuss about the existing DLC models, gaps with specific scientific needs and how to improve the current existing models to propose an efficient DLC management framework for EUDAT, in view of EUDAT 2020. 

Thursday 25th September 2014

Time Data Life Cycle SESSION
Yann Le Franc, CEO and founder of e-Science Data Factory S.A.S.U.
Dr. Le Franc is an entrepreneur in the field of Scientific Data. He received a PhD in Neuroscience and Pharmacology (Bordeaux 2 University, France). He acquired throughout his research career a multi-disciplinary experience mixing experimental biology, mathematical modeling and computer science. Since 2009, he contributes to the activities of the International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility as lead developer of two neuroscience ontologies, member of the INCF Electrophysiology data sharing task force and as Coordinator of the INCF Belgian Node. After 2 years as freelance scientist in Neuroinformatics, he is now the CEO and founder of “e-Science Data Factory”, an innovative start-up company located in Paris, France. Recently, he integrated the EUDAT consortium to support the development of semantic infrastructure within the EUDAT project as chairman of the semantic web working group. He is the co-founder and co-chairman of the European Ontology Network, the first European network for semantic web and ontology experts (
13:40- 14:00
Peter Fox, Tetherless World Constellation Chair, Professor of Earth and Environmental Science, Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and Director of the Information Technology and Web Science Program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Peter Fox has a B.Sc. (hons) and Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics (physics and computer science) from Monash University. His research covers the fields of ocean and environmental informatics, computational and computer science, semantic data frameworks, and solar and solar-terrestrial physics. The results are applied to large-scale distributed data science investigations. Fox is President of the Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), chair of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics Union Commission on Data and Information, and serves on the editorial boards of many prominent Earth and space science informatics journals. In 2012, Fox was awarded the European Geoscience Union, Ian McHarg/ Earth and Space Science Informatics Medal, and ESIP's Martha Maiden Lifetime Achievement award for service to the Earth Sciences Information communities.
Daan Broeder, CLARIN

Daan Broeder, for many years senior developer for archive and infrastructure solutions and now deputy director of TLA unit of the MPI for Psycholinguistics, is technologist (electronics and IT) and has a long record  in leading development tasks in international projects. Currently he is a member of the executive board of the  Dutch CLARIN project and participating several EU projects concerned with research infrastructure development as DASISH and EUDAT. In addition he is convener of new ISO standards in the linguistic domain (TC37/SC4: Component Metadata Infrastructure "CMD" and persistent identification "PISA"). 
Dr. Christian Ohmann, Chair Network Committee of ECRIN 
Christian Ohmann has a graduation in mathematics (PhD), an interim examination in medicine and a habilitation in the field of “Theoretical Surgery”. He was the head of the Coordination Centre for Clinical Trials (KKS) at the Medical Faculty of the Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf Germany (1999-2014) and is now retired. He is currently the German representative and Chair of the Network Committee of the new European Infrastructure ECRIN-ERIC .He has major competence and experience in the field of clinical research/clinical trials and clinical research informatics and is participant in several ongoing EU FP7 funded-projects (ECRIN-IA, Transform, p-Medicine, EHR4CR, BioMedBridges, IMPACTT).
14:20 – 15:00 Where do we go from there? 
14:50-15:00 Let’s talk about it


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