Since its inception, EUDAT has been working with various European research communities to identify the types of services that researchers commonly need for handling research data and then developing the most relevant of those services. EUDAT is currently offering B2STAGE (transferring sets of data that are usually very large) to address data staging issues.

In addition, there are a couple of services under development:

  • The Data Type Registry (DTR) which provides a central place where EUDAT and research communities can define and register data types. Although data types can be used in many different ways, they are commonly used by research communities to define and build up descriptive metadata records.
  • B2NOTE, due to be released late 2016, is a semantic annotation service that will enable users to make and maintain annotations for digital objects. These annotations are commonly related to the descriptive metadata associated with the digital objects. Because this service is closely related to descriptive metadata, EUDAT plans to integrate the service with the metadata catalogue B2FIND and with the data repository service B2SHARE.