Any researcher or research group (organisations or individuals) may use the services that are supplied by EUDAT (and deployed at the generic or thematic nodes within the EUDAT CDI) according to the terms and conditions agreed on by EUDAT and the relevant service provider.


Examples of Users range from single researchers or small research groups up to major research infrastructures (e.g. ESFRI research infrastructures) and other e-Infrastructures (e.g. EGI compute clusters or PRACE supercomputers). Users interact with the EUDAT CDI through one or more of its nodes.

Using the EUDAT CDI, they can rely on innovative data services to support their research collaboration and data management. In particular, they can:

  1. Benefit from a simple, efficient, trustworthy, affordable collaborative and interoperable data infrastructure
  2. Connect  with Europe’s most powerful  supercomputers
  3. Be supported by a pool of experts to tackle your data challenge
  4. Trace data origin in the metadata catalogue

The services available for end users can be divided into three main areas as follows:


A complete EUDAT Service Catalogue is available at the following link.