Chair: Yann Le Franc

Session Programme 

15:30-16:00 - Short talks 
“Lost in translation: from research questions to SPARQL queries” Martijn Van Iersel, Nadia Anwar and Liz Reynolds
“The Tools and Data Services Registry, EDAM and SWO”Jon Ison, Kristoffer Rapacki, Matus Kalas and James Malone
“Socio Technical Systems Joint Optimization in Ontology Development” - Paola Di Maio

16:00-16:10 - One minute poster madness 
“Research contextualization in facilities science” - Vasily Bunakov
“Using ontologies in healthcare practice – determinants and outcome measures” - Hugo van Mens, Nicolette de Keizer, Sander van Hulst and Ronald Cornet
“SMART Protocols: SeMAntic RepresenTation for Experimental Protocols” - Olga Giraldo, Alexander Garcia and Oscar Corcho
“Semantic Interoperability Architecture for Higher Education and Research Organisations in Finland” - Miika Alonen and Suvi Remes
“Ontology of core data mining entities & datatypes” - Pance Panov, Larisa Soldatova and Saso Dzeroski

16:10-18:30 - Posters and networking

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