The users of the world’s largest distributed data processing infrastructure for research will meet in Helsinki in May for the EGI Community Forum 2014.
The forum will focus on the current and potential user communities that rely on EGI and will feature training events, demonstrations and a number of technical sessions and workshops. The discussions will help the community shape the future of EGI. Key themes will be science gateways and workflows, the services of the EGI Federated Cloud, the development of Virtual Research Environments, and the technical roadmap needed to implement an integrated pan-European data infrastructure. The conference will also showcase how research infrastructures can make use of EGI grid and cloud solutions for data processing and management.

EUDAT will host a workshop at the event together with RDA, OpenAIRE and ATT.

Research data and services workshop (workshop programme)

Tuesday 20th of May 2014, Helsinki, Finland

Venue: Helsinki University main building, co-located with the EGI Community Forum 2014

The workshop will be technically-driven by representatives from EUDAT (European Data Infrastructure), OpenAIRE (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe), RDA (Research Data Alliance) and ATT (Finnish national research data initiative). Opportunities for sharing detailed (technical) presentations on services like B2FIND ( and B2SHARE (, IDA (, Kata (, AVAA ( and for opportunities to collaborate through the RDA Interest / Working Groups will present new views to the audience.This will be complemented by presentations from communities / users that are using the services outlined. The audience in turn can present their requirements and experiences on which they will receive feedback in the final wrap up session.

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