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    Any research community or infrastructure may integrate & deploy EUDAT services. This allows them to use the EUDAT services deploying them at their specific sites. Three EUDAT services are part of this offer: B2SAFE, B2STAGE and B2FIND.

    Integrated data centres can benefit from the features of tight integration such as:

    • Choice of datacentres to federate with for B2SAFE
    • Use of an own PID service within the EUDAT domain
    • Optimised data transfer within the EUDAT CDI
    • Tighter control of data management policies (replication, authorisation) through direct management of core services at their site

    In addition to providing significant User Documentation, EUDAT supports new organisations and infrastructures wishing to join EUDAT. Dedicated teams are ready to work with you. Please contact us with a support request for further information.

    A complete training course on how to integrate and deploy the EUDAT services is available at eudat.eu/how-to-use-deploy-the-eudat-services