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Networking Event Venue & Info 3rd February

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Galleria Restaurant 
Galleria Alberto Sordi, via dei Sabini 53 | 00187 Roma | ITALY
T. +39 06 85355431 | 
Directions From Hotel -
Walk - The restaurant is around a 20/25 minute walk from the Hotel. There are several routes you may wish to take. Using the map below you can decide on which route to take and experience a few of the sights of Rome in the mean time.
Taxi - The restaurant is approximately a 15 minute taxi ride away.
Bus - The 913 bus leaves every 8 minutes with the nearest stop being "Marcantonio Colonna" which can be found on Via Cicerone a very brief walk away from the hotel. The correct bus stop to get off is  "Augusto Imperatore". From here the Restaurant is around a 10 minute walk. 
Metro - The nearest metro from the hotel is Lepanto staion from here you should head towards Barberini station. From there it is around a 10 minute walk to the hotel.
Nearest Metro Station - Barberini