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Annotate your research data with B2NOTE

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Forget about pen and paper! It’s time for a change. Try the latest EUDAT service to easily annotate research data - B2NOTE!

An annotation is a note that is added to a text or diagram, often to explain it, to classify it, to share changes suggestions and for many other potential uses. Annotations are used in all research activities and domains and this is why the EUDAT users were asking for new solutions to manage them easily.
This is where B2NOTE Annotate Research Data”, the new EUDAT service, comes from. 
B2NOTE is a service that allows you to easily and intuitively create annotations on research data hosted in the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure. Three types of annotations are possible: a semantic tag coming from identified ontology repositories (currently only Bioportal), a free-text keyword to be used when a specific semantic term is not found and a free-text comment. These annotations are created and stored in a computer-readable format (using the W3C Web Annotation model) and therefore are searchable (which is not the case for hand-written counter-parts). The search results can be visualized in the User Interface and refined before being exported either as JSON-LD for reuse with your analysis workflow/script/software. B2NOTE also allows users to export all the annotations about a file as JSON-LD for your own purpose. This first release of B2NOTE is a crowdsourcing annotation service meaning that all annotations will be publicly available. To preserve the anonymity of the user, you should register and create an annotator pseudonym.
Although B2NOTE is a standalone service, it has been designed to be integrated with the existing EUDAT services, for example B2SHARE – data repository - where B2NOTE is available as a “widget” within the B2SHARE User Interface.
Currently B2NOTE is available in its first pilot version and it is ready for you to test it!
The testing phase will be open until the end of April 2017. Do not miss this opportunity! Try B2NOTE and let us have your feedback, only your input will make it better! After April the service will go in production.
To start testing B2NOTE click on the following url
When you click Create Annotation, the B2NOTE widget opens and you just need to register. From this page, you can also test our first attempt of integration with B2SHARE. 
You can easily leave us your feedback through the button « Let us know what you think «, a short feedback form will be displayed where you can 1) Assess the service, 2) Request a new feature 3) Report a bug.

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