Find out precisely how EUDAT Ltd does this

Following two grants from the European Commission that have enabled to lay out the foundations for the EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) from 2011 to 2017, EUDAT has established in 2018 a limited liability company to oversee the partner network and act as a single point of contact for providers and customers to deliver tailor-made data management solutions.

EUDAT’s goal is to provide the “digital data layer” to underpin the European research landscape and support the policy goals of frictionless Open Science across Europe.

While EUDAT Ltd. and the EUDAT CDI network cover a wide base of connected data resources, our most important asset is the people in the network and the collaborative approach we bring to service delivery. EUDAT Ltd. delivers comprehensive research data management solutions for European researchers and research infrastructures through its partner network, with an approach aimed to tailor solutions in close collaboration with the end-users. EUDAT is about supporting researchers with their day-to-day needs of storage and sharing, and helping them meet their long-term obligations under research data management plans.”, says Debora Testi, CINECA & User Engagement Coordinator of the EUDAT Secretariat.

EUDAT Ltd operates as a non-profit company and enters into agreements with entities that wish to either use or provide such services at a European level.  Significant effort has been spent over the past year in developing EUDAT’s business process to allow EUDAT Ltd. to deliver services based upon genuine service-level agreements and contracts.

Our first priority has been to commercialise an deliver the well-known EUDAT B2 services through EUDAT Ltd. We see these services as building blocks upon which we can design solutions for researchers. In this respect we can leverage the very rich service resources available at EUDAT sites, also in terms of computing and processing capacity” continues Mark van de Sanden, SURFsara & EUDAT Secretariat Technical Coordinator.

Having EUDAT Ltd as a single point of contact and partner for delivering big, complex, transnational data management solutions is greatly appreciated on both the provider and customer sides.

Researchers are increasingly becoming part of distributed, transnational collaborations, and it becomes difficult for service providers to manage this complexity. EUDAT Ltd. helps them to put together the right network and offers a single interface to provide the services required. They only need to contract one partner. Likewise, researchers willing to leverage resources from multiple service providers or countries no longer have to manage complex interactions with multiple providers. They can rely on EUDAT Ltd. to take care of it”, continues Mark van de Sanden.

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