Initiatives and organisations wishing to tap into the EUDAT community can now benefit from the EUDAT Conference 2024's new Partnership Programme.

Three tiers have been introduced - Gold, Silver and Bronze each costing €2000, €1000, and €500, respectively. Proposals for custom packages are also welcome. 

Visibility guaranteed for all tiers: Poster, giveaways and slot in the programme

All partner tiers from Bronze will already benefit from visibility as part of the programme. All Partners from Bronze upwards will be allowed to showcase their poster at the exhibition and be able to give out giveaways or distribute dissemination material. 

The highlight of the offering however is a slot in the programme. All partners can take advantage of having a 7-minute presentation to be included as part of the conference programme either within a session or as a sponsor message before the start of one. 

Engage throughout with an exhibition booth

Initiatives and organisations that would like a permanent presence during the event to continuously engage and meet with the EUDAT community, the Gold and Silver tiers would fit the most as these partners will be provided a booth at the EUDAT Conference 2024 Exhibition. Each booth will consist of a table and chairs. 

A dedicated exhibition session (3 December) will be held to inaugurate the exhibition and allow the participants to go through the booths. During this session, no other sessions are held in parallel and all participants will be asked to head to the exhibition area. This ensures that during this exhibition session, exhibitors and participants can experience the exhibition fully and provide the maximum opportunities for networking. 

Sustained engagement and shaping the programme

Gold partners of the EUDAT Conference will benefit the most from the visibility and engagement opportunities not only at the conference but even after. Aside from the other benefits enjoyed by the lower tiers, the Gold Partners will be given a session in the programme to organise. This allows them direct input into the direction of the conference programme. 

Even after the Conference, partners can contribute an article that will be published in the EUDAT website and distributed to across EUDAT's owned channels with an audience spanning thousands of research data and open science professionals and leaders in Europe and beyond. 

Moreover, a joint webinar can be co-organised with EUDAT to provide a more direct engagement opportunity after the event.

Design your custom package

Does your organisation have something else in mind to make the most out of the EUDAT Conference? We are open to discussion. Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

But... only limited spots remain

The EUDAT Conference only has a few dedicated slots in the programme for presentations, sessions, posters etc. that could be fit as part of the programme and thus, only has a limited number of partners that it can accommodate. 

The organisers will be entertaining partnership requests on a first come, first-served basis, so don't miss out.

Fill the Partnership Request form now or reach out to us to secure your custom package!

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