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EUDAT hand in hand with research communities and users

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Over 130 representatives from 35 European data & high performance computing centres and research communities met in Helsinki from 24-26th March 2015 to roll out their detailed plans for the next three years. EUDAT received a further €19 million, bringing on board an additional 10 new organisations, to consolidate its common data infrastructure (CDI) offering research data solutions and services.

Since its launch in October 2012, just over three years ago, EUDAT has laid  the foundations for the common data infrastructure and already offers a suite of research data services and solutions through a geographically distributed, resilient network connecting general purpose data centres & community-specific data repositories and are designed, built & implemented based on user community requirements.

This phase sees even more inclusion of research communities based on two models, communities as partners with defined uptake plans or communities applying for pilots to avail of replication and storage for their research data coupled with consortium expertise. EUDAT enables European researchers and practitioners from any research discipline to preserve, find, access, (re)use and process data in a trusted environment. The future is bright, the future is EUDAT.

About EUDAT. This pan-European Data Infrastructure (EUDAT) is a network of collaborating, cooperating centres, combining the richness of numerous community specific data repositories with the permanence and persistence of some of Europe’s largest scientific data centres. EUDAT offers common data services, supporting multiple research communities as well as individuals, through a geographically distributed, resilient network of 35 European organisations. EUDAT receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme, DG Connect e-Infrastructures Unit under contract number 654065.