At The EUDAT Conference 2022 (14-15 September 2022), EUDAT unveiled its new and improved service catalogue developed by GRNET and Trust-IT. Since 2021, EUDAT has made its service catalogue interoperable with the EOSC Portal. Now, the EUDAT Catalogue is more user friendly and has been enriched with supporting multimedia and information fit for both technical and non-technical users.

The Key Upgrades

  • Ability to immediately access services or request complex set-ups.
  • Each service has a brochure and a technical factsheet allowing prospective users to understand the service and share it with their colleagues.
  • Multimedia such as the service video, and snapshot of the service interface provides a glimpse and better understanding of each service.
  • Use cases showing the services in action can now be easily accessed through the same page.
  • For services with various offers or packages, these can now be seen immediately in the same page.On the back-end, most fields of each services are managed through a centralised SMPT tool which is interoperable with the EOSC Portal.

What’s Next?

Over the next months, EUDAT will ensure a way to access supporting technical information that can help users evaluate whether the service is appropriate for their needs. Additionally, further fields will be made manageable through their SPMT tool.