One of the multidisciplinary research projects benefiting from EUDAT’s services is the H2020 project Blue-Cloud. Blue-Cloud intends to enhance the visibility and discoverability of marine data. EUDAT’s B2FIND is supporting Blue-Cloud to share marine data across domains.

The Scientific Challenge

Blue-Cloud delivers a collaborative virtual environment to enhance FAIR and Open Science. Started in October 2019, Blue-Cloud is deploying a cyber platform with smart federation of an unprecedented wealth of multidisciplinary data repositories, analytical tools, and computing facilities to explore and demonstrate the potential of cloud-based Open Science and address ocean sustainability, UN Ocean Decade, and G7 Future of the Oceans objectives.

Blue-Cloud is hoping to enhance the visibility and discoverability of marine data also towards other research areas, such as humanities, climate sciences or food and agriculture sciences and so allow end-users to search on a cross-domain level of marine data of the Blue Cloud VRE.

Who benefits and how?

The main benefits are to researchers in other research areas other than Marine Research, who until now may have had difficulty finding and accessing these sorts of data.

Technical Implementation

Blue-Cloud currently uses EUDAT’s B2FIND service to ingest and publish metadata referencing the Blue-Cloud’s data in B2FIND's interdisciplinary discovery portal. This helps make domain-specific Blue-Cloud data resources visible and discoverable on a cross-domain level. This is given even greater visibility by the fact that B2FIND is provided by the EOSC-Portal as one of the generic data discovery services.