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    On April 2019, the EUDAT CDI Council welcomed two additional members, IT4Innovations and Trust-IT Services, widening its network up to 28 members from 15 countries.

    IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Center provides state-of-the-art technology and services to both Czech and foreign research teams from academia and industry in the field of high-performance computing and data analysis. Currently, IT4Innovations runs two supercomputers - Anselm (installed in the summer of 2013) and Salomon (installed in the summer of 2015) and has a special system DGX-2 for artificial intelligence calculation installed in 2019. IT4Innovations is also a research centre with strong international links. Core IT4Innovations research topics are advanced data processing and analysis, machine learning, the development of parallel scalable algorithms, the solution of demanding engineering tasks, and modelling for nanotechnology.
    “IT4Innovations national supercomputing center follows a global trend of complementing HPC technologies with High performance data services.” says Vit Vondrak Managing Director of IT4Innovations.
    “The EUDAT membership gives IT4Innovations an opportunity of deeper integration and provisioning of a full range of HPC and HPDA services to the European research data infrastructures. By the accession to EUDAT CDI, we expect the extension of our services for academia/SMEs/industry in the domain of connection among HPC, HPDA, and data management. IT4Innovations is going to offer its infrastructure and services to the EDUDAT CDI. On the other hand, IT4Innovations as a coordinator of H2020 project LEXIS (Large-scale EXecution for Industry & Society) is going to use modern data-management technologies within this project by leveraging selected EUDAT services,” said IT4Innovations Managing Director Vít Vondrák.

    Trust-IT Services is an SME specialised in research analysis & communication in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Research infrastructures and e-Infrastructure environments as well as developing and implementing innovative web & mobile applications across Europe and globally. Founded in 2002, Trust-IT is committed to drive forward new ideas, pinpoint market opportunities, create multi-stakeholder partnership and build international networks and communities in strategic ICT areas such as cybersecurity and privacy, ICT energy efficiency, 5G, ICT Standards, cloud computing and data research infrastructures. 
    Trust-IT Services CEO Silvana Muscella said, “We see ourselves as ICT divulgers & evangelists, supporting research teams in Europe & globally to bring to market their results, so with this in mind it felt the right time for Trust-IT to come on board as a member of the EUDAT CDI as we’d like to enrich the EUDAT offer with its communications skills and more. We also want to bring to the EUDAT table our tailored services and products as we have specialised in the past 5 years in provisioning custom web-based solutions such as online collaborative workspaces,  elearning modules for capacity building, online workflow for proposals & grants management and online consultation platforms for managing public debates, working groups & fora.” remarks Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Services CEO. “Being a member of the CDI will also increase our global visibility & outreach outside of the sphere of EU funded research & innovation programmes where we believe to have matured a consolidated experience & portfolio, especially in the selected ICT domain areas”.
    More information on the EUDAT CDI members is available here: EUDAT Collaborative Data Infrastructure