Charles University in Prague 23-24 April 2014

EUDAT is helping to achieve the vision of a European Data e-infrastructure by providing a sustainable platform of technologies, tools and services driven by user needs. Communities and users have always been central to EUDAT and the third in its series of dedicated User Forums took place at Charles University in Prague 23rd – 24th April 2014.

The Call for Collaboration projects launched by EUDAT in early 2014 was a resounding success with over 30 applications from a vast range of scientific communities covering, but not limited to, life sciences, atmospheric sciences, marine biology, physics, chemistry, nano-science and materials science, medical science, biodiversity and climate modelling. The selected projects were focal to the User Forum and interventions covered how these communities will engage with EUDAT and use its data services.

Community representatives explained why they are signing up to EUDAT including the fact that stakeholders want to use existing European services, resources and skills while at the same time users are seeking common standards & platforms that simplify the efficient exchange & re-use of data. Another point underlined was the community need for support from IT professional supported by a pan-European network of trusted centres. EUDAT in a nutshell, no?

This edition also featured how EUDAT supports communities and projects on the EC's Open Access policy, Open Research Pilot and Data Management Plans in Horizon2020 and an in-depth session on Policy, Certification and Sustainability.


Final Agenda

Wednesday 23 April – User Forum Day 1
11:00 Welcome & User Forum Objectives, Peter Wittenburg, EUDAT Scientific Coordinator, Max Planck for Plasmaphysics
11:20 FAIR data: cross Research Infrastructure interoperability of research data, Barend Mons, Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences
11:40 EUDAT Services – Status & Future Evolution
  11.40-11.50    B2SHARE Status & Updates, Pavel Stranak, B2SHARE Product Manager, Charles University Prague
11.50-12.00    B2FIND Status & Updates, Hannes Thiemann, B2FIND Product Manager, DKRZ
12.00-12.10    B2SAFE Status & Updates, Johannes Reetz, B2SAFE Product Manager, RZG
12.10-12.20    B2STAGE Status & Updates, Giuseppe Fiameni, B2STAGE Product Manager, CINECA
12.20-12.30    Questions & Answers
12:30 Lunch
13.30 Collaboration Projects – B2SHARE & B2FIND integration and exploitation chaired by Pavel Stranak, B2SHARE Product Manager & Hannes Thiemann, B2FIND Product Manager
  13.30-13.50 Defining minimum metadata and interlinking services in the life science domain, Manuel Corpas, Project leader at TGAC and ELIXIR UK technical coordinator
13.50-14.10    Using B2SHARE as a Repository for Biobanks, Roxana Merino Martinez, Karolinska Institutet
14.10-14.30    Managing and Sharing Atmospheric Composition Data, Martin Schultz, Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
14.30-14.50    Sharing Oceanographic Data, Simone Giannecchini, Geosolutions SAS & NATO CMRE
14.50-15.00    Discussion and Q&A
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Collaboration Projects – B2SAFE & B2STAGE integration and exploitation Part I chaired by Johannes Reetz, B2SAFE Product Manager
  15.30-15.50    Enriching the EIDA seismic data archive with EUDAT services, Peter Evans,  Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
15.50-16.10    Integrating EUDAT services with Universities’ Data Infrastructures in the Netherlands, Ton Smeele, Utrecht University, on behalf of collaborating NL universities
16.10-16.30    Handling a Data Stream from the Flanders Marine LifeWatch Observatory, Fernando Aguilar Gòmez, IFCA-CSIC
16.30-16.50    Replicating Data from  the Large Electron Positron (LEP) collider at CERN (Aleph Experiment), Marcello Maggi, INFN
16.50-17.10    IPSL climate data management backed by EUDAT services, Franck Corsini, Institut Pierre Simon Laplace – CNRS
17.10-17.30    Discussion and Q&A
17:30 Breakout discussions with EUDAT service product managers
19:30 Dinner (hosted by EUDAT) @ Restaurant Konírna - Maltézské nám?stí. 10                                        


Thursday 24 April – User Forum Day 2

9:00 Collaboration Projects – B2SAFE & B2STAGE integration and exploitation  Part II chaired by Giuseppe Fiameni, B2STAGE Product Manager
  09.00-09.20    Interfacing EUDAT services to ICOS Research Infrastructure, Margareta Hellström, Swedish national ICOS collaboration Scientific Coordinator
09.20-09.40    Data submissions and archiving raw data in life sciences: a Pilot with Proteomics Data, Rafael C Jimenez, ELIXIR Technical Coordinator
09.40-10.00    A Collaborative Environment to Produce, Share and Store DNA Biomolecular Simulations, Ramon Goñi, BSC
10.00-10.20    Discussion and Q&A
10.20 Coffee Break
10:40 Open Access to Research Data & Data Management Policy - EUDAT support services, Damien Lecarpentier, Project Director, Research Infrastructures EUDAT Project Manager CSC -IT Center for Science LTD.
10.50 European Digital Repository Certification: the way forward, Ingrid Dillo, Deputy Director Policy, DANS
11:10 Policy & Service Breakout sessions
BS1 Policy, Sustainability & Certification moderated by Ingrid Dillo, Deputy Director Policy, DANS
BS2 EUDAT B2Service Session moderated by Mark van de Sanden, Team Leader Data Services, SurfSara
12:40 EUDAT in Horizon 2020 & Discussion, Damien Lecarpentier, Project Director, Research Infrastructures EUDAT Project Manager CSC -IT Center for Science LTD
13:00 Lunch & End of User Forum